Alkantara (synthetic suede leather)

Alkantara (synthetic suede leather)

Alkantara (synthetic suede leather) is made from nylon and polyurethane. These labels have their own unique style and are very charming. They are quite thin (0,6mm) and are easy to sew on. The material is slender, but the debossing is still felt when touching the label, therefore the label itself is easy to remember and will definitely make a lasting impression. The logo on an alkantara label is darker than the picked color, contrasting with the label and adding to the appeal.

The manufacturer of the material recommends washing it in a 30-40-degree temperature. Even though it is highly unlikely that this material will color products when washing, it is recommended to not choose very contrasting colors between the label and the product. 



Minimum order quantity is 100pcs, standard size (up to 55x30mm) label price is 0,55€/per piece + VAT.

When ordering for the first time a one-time payment is applicable for the production of a custom logo embossing stamp - 20€ + VAT.

If ordering 200pcs and more, the stamp payment is not applicable.

Discounts are available when ordering 500pcs and more.

A screw-on label with a bolt is an additional +0,15€/per piece + VAT.



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