Product debossing and embossing

We can emboss or deboss your wanted design or logo on your products - work planners, menus, belts, bags, backpacks, wallets and etc. 

Piece cutting

We cut cut-outs for handmade products. We will prepare cutting blades according to your graphics files and cut your wanted pieces out of your own fabrics or our fabrics: faux leather, rubber, cardboard, leather, felt, etc.

Leather strip cutting

We can cut various width strips from our or your provided leather. 

Production of a custom logo embossing stamp

We will make a custom logo embossing stamp of your design. The stamps are produced out of bronze. This is why they are very high quality and even the smallest details in your logo can be seen.


Tymo g. 22, Kaunas, LT-47310, Lithuania