Other products

Satin ribbon

Satin material ribbon with a custom logo. Great for packaging. 

Min. order quantity: 200 meters
Price: 45-60€ + VAT

Boxes with embossed logo

Packaging boxes with a embossed logo. If needed, the size of the box can be different than the sample. 

Min. order quantity: 100pcs
Price: from 0,83€/pcs + VAT



We can make leather bracelets with your desired logo or text, or we can prepare the leather for you own handmade projects. 


Keychains out of natural leather. Various sizes, shapes and colous available. Logo can be in gold, silver or black print. Price is set depending on each project, individually. 

Leather coasters

Custom leather coasters for various purposes. Different colours, sizes and shapes available. Price is set depending on the project. 

Decoupage supplies

We can provide different decoupage supplies for you handmade projects. 


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