Natural leather

Labels made from natural leather tend to be a little thicker - about 1.2mm, also stiffer. We do not recommend to wash these labels since they can dye the fabric. Washing is possible only for black labels on black fabrics. However these labels are more suitable for non-washable items, gallantry. Leather labels can also be made with either gold or silver print. 




Minimum order quantity is 100pcs, standard size (up to 55x30mm) label price is 0,80€/per piece + VAT.

When ordering for the first time a one-time payment is applicable for the production of a custom logo embossing stamp - 20€ + VAT.

If ordering 200pcs and more, the stamp payment is not applicable.

Discounts are available when ordering 500pcs and more.

Gold or silver print is an additional +0,10€/per piece + VAT.


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