Vega (vegan synthetic leather)

Vega (vegan leather) is 69% made out of eco-friendly products. This leather is made out of corn which is grown for industrial use. The material also includes viscose and polyurethane to make the labels more resilient. 

Composition of Vega:


47% corn polyol
30% FSC viscose
23% polyurethane


This material is considered eco-friendly not only because of its composition, but because of its production process also. LCA organization confirmed that the energy used in the production and the waste that is released after the production of Vega is not harmful to the environment. 

The logo is embossed so it can be physically felt when touching the label. Depending on the color, the logo usually darkens. The labels are washable. Material's thickness is about 1-1.3mm.



Minimum order quantity is 100pcs, standard size (up to 55x30mm) label price is 0,45€/per piece + VAT.

When ordering for the first time a one-time payment is applicable for the production of a custom logo embossing stamp - 15€ + VAT.

If ordering 200pcs and more, the stamp payment is not applicable.

Discounts are available when ordering 500pcs and more.



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